Dit project is afgerond, maar wij houden u graag op de hoogte van toekomstige reizen naar deze bestemming.

Welcome to the Netherlands! It is a great pleasure to host this creative mission in the Netherlands. For those already doing business in the Netherlands, this mission is an opportunity to expand their network. For others, the mission can be an excellent first step in learning about and gaining access to the Dutch market.

Over the past few decades, design has completely escaped from the traditional role in which it focused on the design of the homely domain. Instead, design has become a tactical response to all kinds of social challenges and at various levels of scale. Everything can be designed, from an international movement into a social media profile. The fact that design thinking is also used by business and government makes it possible for design to exert more influence in economic and political terms. At the same time, design has taken its own responsibility when it comes to issues such as ecology, labor, ethics and accessibility. This mission will enable the participating Chinese enterprises to meet their Dutch counterparts and exchange knowledge and expertise, and will facilitate new partnership agreements.

The mission is commissioned by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (, and it is an honour for our company, to coordinate the mission program for you on their behalf. We kindly thank the team of Dutch Design Foundation for their close collaboration in delivering an exciting program at Dutch Design Week.

We hope this mission will contribute to advance our outstanding Sino-Dutch economic and trade relations.

On behalf of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( we welcome the Chinese delegation.

22 t/m 26 Oct. 2017